New Bill Allows Beauty Salons to Serve Alcoholic Drinks

In a move that adds a touch of hospitality to the beauty salon experience, Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed a bill allowing beauty salons in California to serve complimentary beer or wine to their customers.

Previous Challenges with Legislation

One of the significant challenges associated with previous laws is the lack of a clear legal definition of a beauty salon. The legislation left room for interpretation, leading to questions about which establishments qualify for the provision of alcoholic beverages.

Attorney Carl Kanowsky Discusses Bill with Local News

Our very own attorney, Carl Kanowsky, recently spoke with reporters at The Signal about how he noticed that the original 2016 failed to allow salons to avoid having to pay to obtain liquor licenses. Attorney Kanowsky even reached out to Senator Wilk about this issue, and in January of this year, Wilk introduced bill SB247. This bill amended the original legislation and made it clear that the law applied to businesses that fell under the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Learn more about what Attorney Kanowsky had to say by reading the full article here.

Talk with Our Wine Law Attorneys

The recent signing of the bill by Governor Gavin Newsom provides beauty salons in California with the opportunity to add an extra touch of luxury and comfort for their customers through the provision of complimentary wine or beer. While this change aims to enhance the salon experience, it also brings forth legal implications and challenges associated with defining a beauty salon and ensuring responsible consumption.

Salon owners must navigate these complexities by understanding and complying with local regulations regarding liquor licenses. Kanowsky & Associates offers clients comprehensive counsel in liquor and wine retailer operations and issues, federal and state license and permit matters, and litigation cases.

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