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Protecting the Intellectual Property of Businesses in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

Your company’s intellectual property is extremely commercially valuable: It can drive brand recognition, distinguish your business from competitors, and give your products and services enhanced value. In some ways, intellectual property is what makes your business special. What would your company be without its recognizable and unique logos, slogans, or processes? 

Our Santa Clarita intellectual property lawyers can help you take steps to protect your company’s copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. If you are a new business, we can guide you through the process of applying for and obtaining these crucial legal protections. Our team at Kanowsky & Associates can also help you enforce your rights and take legal action when your intellectual property is stolen or exploited. We have over three decades of experience and have assisted companies of all sizes across a wide variety of industries. Our firm understands how to effectively handle many types of intellectual property issues and can provide the dedicated representation your business needs to achieve its objectives. 

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What Is Considered Intellectual Property?

Though many associate the term “intellectual property” with artistic works and the entertainment industry, the truth is practically all companies have intellectual property. Intellectual property refers to any intangible asset that cannot be used without the consent of its owner. Symbols, business names, and proprietary company information are all forms of intellectual property. 

Businesses rely on four major types of intellectual property protection: 

  • Copyrights. Copyrights protect “original works of authorship” (OWA), such as scripts, songs, or drawings. A business cannot copyright an idea, but it can copyright the tangible expression of an idea. 
  • Trademarks. Trademarks protect specific sequences of words, symbols, sounds, colors, and/or logos that are used to identify a product, service, or company. The Mickey Mouse symbol is trademarked by The Walt Disney Company, for example.
  • Patents. Patents cover unique inventions, such as software, technological devices, and pharmaceutical products. Patents can also protect the aesthetic execution of an invention.
  • Trade Secrets. Any non-public information that confers a competitive advantage may be considered a “trade secret.” Companies must make an active effort to prevent trade secrets from becoming public knowledge. 

Our Santa Clarita intellectual property attorneys can evaluate your business’s assets and walk you through your intellectual property rights. We can then guide you through the relevant registration processes to ensure you are well-positioned in any future intellectual property disputes.

How Can I Protect My Business’s Intellectual Property?

In addition to registering all applicable copyrights, trademarks, and patents, there are other steps your company should take to ensure the safety of its intellectual property. Businesses of all sizes should invest in robust IT infrastructure, which may include the implementation of data encryption, virtual private network access (VPNs), and Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) on all company devices. This can help avoid unauthorized breaches and protect your trade secrets.

Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) can also help you protect your business’s proprietary information. We can work with you to prepare enforceable agreements that employees and independent contractors must sign. After signing an NDA or confidentiality agreement, employees and independent contractors become liable for any leaks they facilitate. Additionally, while non-compete agreements are not typically enforceable in California, they may sometimes be used to limit the spread of trade secrets in other states. 

You generally have the right to license intellectual property to third parties. It is in your company’s best interest to clearly define under what circumstances a third party can use your intellectual property. Our team at Kanowsky & Associates can help you prepare, negotiate, and finalize licensing contracts. 

Your business cannot ignore intellectual property violations. If a company fails to enforce its intellectual property rights, it could in some circumstances lose them. Our Santa Clarita intellectual property lawyers can help you take prompt enforcement actions and aggressively represent you in any necessary litigation. We know how to effectively handle these disputes and will work to protect your company’s interests every step of the way.

What Does an Intellectual Property Lawyer Do?

An intellectual property lawyer can help those looking to get a patent, trademark, copyright, or trade secret. Attorneys in this field can also help you if you are involved in a intellectual property dispute.

Our Santa Clarita IP Lawyers Can Help With:

  • Protection: An intellectual property attorney can help you protect your intellectual property by registering your patents, trademarks, or copyrights, and by advising you on how to best safeguard your proprietary information.
  • Infringement: If you suspect that someone is infringing on your intellectual property rights, an IP lawyer can help you determine the most appropriate course of action, whether it's sending a cease and desist letter or filing an infringement lawsuit.
  • Licensing: If you want to license your intellectual property to others or obtain a license to use someone else's intellectual property, we can help you negotiate and draft the necessary agreements.
  • Litigation: If you are involved in a dispute related to intellectual property, an IP attorney can help you protect your rights.
  • Expertise: Intellectual property law is complex, and an intellectual property lawyer has the necessary knowledge and experience to help you navigate the legal system and achieve your goals.

When you need an Santa Clarita IP attorney to help you protect your intellectual property rights, avoid legal disputes, and resolve any conflicts that may arise, contact Kanowsky & Associates.

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