Santa Clarita Import Attorneys

International Trade Assistance in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

Many businesses operating in the United States rely on international trade and the importing of foreign products to facilitate their operations. Foreign imports are heavily regulated, and you will need knowledgeable legal advocates who have a thorough understanding of how to resolve potential conflicts involving other countries and international law. 

At Kanowsky & Associates, we serve clients globally from offices in California. Our Santa Clarita import lawyers have over three decades of experience and have a proven track record of capably handling complex cases and disputes. Our firm is small business-friendly, having assisted businesses of all sizes across numerous industries. We are well-versed in corporate law and can provide the comprehensive, dedicated representation your business needs to comply with applicable laws, overcome regulatory obstacles, pursue necessary litigation, and achieve its goals. 

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Our Customs and Imports Legal Services

If your business depends on the importation of foreign products, you may be frustrated with the speed (or lack thereof) of what is often a convoluted and confusing process. You may not understand why your imports are regularly being delayed, seized, audited, or investigated. Anything less than a smooth importation process can jeopardize your business operations, but our team at Kanowsky & Associates can help you better navigate the system and resolve roadblocks. 

Our Santa Clarita import attorneys can assist you with:

  • Strategic Importation Transaction Planning. Importation transactions should be designed to minimize duties and avoid possible trade barriers while maintaining compliance with all relevant laws.
  • Efficient Importation Processes. In many cases, procedural steps can be taken to cut through red tape and accelerate the importation of foreign goods, including heavily regulated products like alcoholic products
  • Overcoming Regulatory Challenges. Most businesses should expect to experience setbacks as they ramp up their importation operations. Knowing how to respond to and resolve various types of problems is essential, and our team understands how to solve customs issues quickly. We can also serve as your liaison to government bodies and help you take proactive steps to avoid future conflicts.
  • International Contract Negotiation and Enforcement. Your business will need to enter into legal agreements with foreign companies to facilitate international trade. These contracts will cover terms of distribution, licensing, intellectual property rights, and more. If a foreign company breaches a contract or violates your rights, we are familiar with international law and are prepared to pursue the appropriate legal action on your business’s behalf. 
  • Defense Before Regulatory Agencies. Your business may be called to appear before the U.S. Customs department if there are issues involving valuation, licensing, classification, seizures, or other importation problems. In other cases, your company could be compelled to appear before the International Trade Commission, the International Trade Administration, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the Department of Homeland Security, or a foreign regulatory body. Our firm will dutifully represent you before government agencies and aggressively defend against any allegations.

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