Wine Law

Santa Clarita Wine & Alcohol Attorneys

Opening a new restaurant, winery, or liquor store can be a fun and exciting adventure.  However, all those businesses come with their unique challenges. Beyond those that are common to any enterprise (things like selecting the proper entity, e.g., corporation versus LLC versus partnership, agreements between the owners, standard lease agreements, etc.), the owners get to deal with ABC, TTB, local and state regulations, and questions as basic as what can you put on your wine label. It’s important that, together with your legal counsel, you identify beforehand what your goals are, the best way to achieve them, and the problems that you can anticipate.  Kanowsky & Associates will work with you in this process, helping you to be successful.  Also, you should know that our representation includes not just opening up your restaurant or winery, it’s also being with you in court if that becomes necessary.  We will, of course, work with you to make that only a case of last option. Knowledgeable counsel can help guide you through this process and turn what is a chore into an opportunity.

  • Restaurant Ownership and Operations Issues
  • Federal & State License/Permits
  • Liquor/Wine Retailer Operations and Issues
  • Real property purchases and leases
  • Labor Law concerns
  • Trademark, Copyright, Licensing, and Intellectual Property Matters.